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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Stress and Eu-stress

Are you sometimes stressed out? Feeling uptight? Anxious or nervous? Fatigued? Sleepless? Is your mind chattering too much? Can you feel inner peace or happiness in life... in spite of stress?


                                          WANT TO GET BACK ON TOP?

If you are like 30-40-50 percent of Americans, stress is a real issue sometimes. Whether you struggle to focus, or get tangled up in too many things..stress is something we can all experience when "must do lists" seemingly run their course with no end in sight. Stress is a natural experience,of life, but most people cannot control it. Then what?

Obviously, this can be debilitating, but you can learn to cope with it, so that it does not get the better of you and rule your life. Before you can do this ,you need to know what stress really is. Stress is an ancient mind-body reaction to external stimuli that are perceived as unmanageable or dangerous. It activates the fight-flight mechanism that helped our ancestor to survive, but today does not work at the office.

Being busy is not bad. Eu-stress is another form of stress which allows us to outdo ourselves or perform better in situations when stretched to new levels. In this way, stress can be for better or worse as we oscillate between its two sides. To put it another way, we can either see stress in a positive light or feel we are not in control.

"It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it" - Hans Selve, stress expert

Occasional stress makes us agile and alert - but it is not natural for the mind-body to be exposed to long-term stress.

Modern life, has a tendency to create the negative forms of stress that leave us fatigued, entangled in worry and anxiety or as victims of the mental, emotional and physical stress symptoms. This has many health-complications. If we are to move out of the downward psychological spirals or self-defeating circles, we:

  • Need to identify what causes the stress 
  • Take appropriate action to avoid reacting to it. 
  • Learn to build our resilience to prevent further mind-body stress-madness.

You can learn this with a proven tool called MINDFULNESS.

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