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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

MEW - NOW IS THE TIME (to keep your resolutions)?

You have probably heard it from all types of life experts before: "NOW IS THE improve yourself and your life". Funnily, they always brag with a long check list we postpone or forget what was all about. NOW does not happen because we get entangled in stressful things like paying the mortgage, more babies and nappies, the car that needs to get fixed, or a cat that is pissed off. MEW. There you are, smack in the middle of things undone. Provoking, yes, maybe, but we tend to live in this stressed out way always somehow lacking the time. The improvements do not happen, you stare at the pouring rain through the looking glass (aka window) wondering what happened, and why?
                                                 SEE MORE BELOW
                               and make today the first day of your new mindful life!

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