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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Time and Stress...Stress and Time (what came first)?

Most people - in the West - live with much stress or strain with too many demands on their life and time. Although, there is nothing wrong with having a lot to do during a day, week or month, too many things on our schedule may cause some serious problems. Particularly, if the situation is ongoing over longer periods, and the time we are here is suddenly all gone. Ever had that experience or feeling? Then you are like millions of people trying to keep up with the hustle in spite of whatever consequences with regard to health, social or working environments. As we suffer the stress-time-madness, friends, families and partners may also become affected or victims of the stress-dis-ease spreading to them. Then our work-life balance gets seriously challenged, and it is time to stop and (re)think.....

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Formula 1


Formula 1 - is for racing cars. It is not really for humans on two legs going through life. The faster it gets - the closer you get to the road barriers. With or without heels or wheels, you can hurry up - or you can take it slow - and stay on course. This is nothing new, but why do we often forget it in the race? Maybe we have a sponsor or something pushing us, or we like to compete, with others. Maybe you like to play macho, wear a helmet or quickly drop the kids off at the day care. No matter what you do with the ride called life, you do not have to get stuck to the steering wheel. Maybe it is time you find a pit for some major or minor technical, fuel, injection improvements - if your fire-tires are boiling..

              You body is your vehicle, and the mind the steering wheel behind the engine

Monday, 15 July 2013


Reframing the mind means to change your thoughts and perceptions about your reality and circumstances in a way that promotes a different view or more positive outlook. The way to do that is to ask more questions: 
How could this (stressful) situation be perceived from a different angle?
What is it that I have not noticed about it so far?
How could I respond or act differently? 
… and what would be the result?


Friday, 12 July 2013

Stress and (Summer) Holidays

Many people look forward to the (summer) holidays each year. It is a time where we can catch up with ourselves and escape the daily grind and busy life style, but what if the stress continues during the holidays?

The more stressed you are, the more likely it is that you actually need to rest and have a holiday. If the stress levels are high, you may need to spend the first week "slowing down". The most de-stressing (summer) holiday you can get is if you "pull out the plug". You need to be "offline". Other people are not allowed to contact you. YOU decide when YOU contact the world. Whether by phone, computer or TV (particularly bad news).

Here is what you can start or increase:
Social gatherings
Reading books
Playing games
Spending time in nature
Excercise and mental relaxation (like staring out of the window)

In other words, here are 7 sacred pieces of holiday advice:

1. Use your holiday(s) to relax - without work (you are on holiday, remember?)
2. Spend at least two weeks going somewhere (sightseeing allowed every 2 days )
3. Be 100 procent on holiday with other people and/or the place
4. Shut down the mobile or cell phone (leave a holiday message or a contact)
5. Don't visit the internet. No online surfing is allowed. Use auto-responder.
6. Don't even think about work. You become a better worker and collegue while not being there.
7. Develop a new interest or practice that you can take with you (on the return).

Then start to see or experience the positive results. So loong....or go to:


Monday, 8 July 2013

Ring ring - bling, bling

Ring, ring - bling, bling....those cell phones have become so small we carry them with us all over the place on the entire planet - even in caves while rock climbing or in the make-up bag in the middle of university classes and important business meetings. Have you ever had the experience of sitting in a job interview or on the loo being utterly disturbed? IPhone and Nokia- calls from out of nowhere have clearly gone out of hand...

                                                     RING - RING

            The next time that gadget calls - before you swallow it, state out loud and clear:
                      "I am in the process of learning mindfulness -  now please...  f off!" 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Stressed? Who? Where? Not in a lifetime!

(Wo)man are you stressed -  how do you know?
Well, you wake up in the morning, and the alarm goes off shaking your head and bed.... BUZZ.... it is forcing you to move your legs (if they still can). It is all too silly, really, as you should be on the move, and don't have time for any ridiculous paraphernalia. You slip into the shower as fast as you can you turn on the toaster or coffee maker. Breakfast w-h-a-r-t a waste of time... gotta towel your body in less than 4 minutes... The boss is yelling at you as you are kinda late! Geeshka!

The gazillion pieces of papers on the desk
Now, you really must get out of that door faster than a spinning zebra - slam-locking it behind you ( else somebody might come in) while heading for the bus, train, tram or car. The mind, is silly and stupid, not quite there yet, as it scans today's morning traffic. It is just another working day, and you are already too busy ahead. Didn't you forget something? What was that? How long will it take to ....remember? What if you do not arrive through the strain? Is work or salary hanging in threads? Your partner might call if you forget that looooong, looping list of shopping. You really need to pay some attention and buy some beers on the way or grab some aspirins for the head, if there is time for that lunch package. How else are you going to make it?

It is just headaches
Well, maybe it is not all that bad...headaches always seem to come and go.... You just need a holiday or place to RELAX, perhaps, but time is not for the taking and it is catching up with the blood that keeps pumping through your heart, spilling over in your head. There you go....if the shoe has not dropped yet. Stressed out yet? To be death..?

" The true triumph of reason is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it"  - Voltaire 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Trichotillomania - a not so rare mental dis-ease

Do you have Trichotillomania (trik-o-til-o-MAY-ne-uh = an irresistible urge to pull out hair)?

Then it is VERY likely that you suffer from debilitating stress... 

MUST you (learn to) de-stress...find the cure..... or die? What joy or tragedy?


                              Who seeks shall find.
                                   - Sophocles, Greek tragedian