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Monday, 30 September 2013

The fight- or-flight roller-coaster

Ok? You made it this far through the busy roller-coaster of life....and so it goes on.That is modern life pumping through your veins. You are in it and it is in you. It feeeels great when it all goes up, but not so good when it comes tumbling down the rack. As far as your nervous system is concerned, it is ancient, stressed by anything that triggers the limbic primordial "fight-or-flight" response mechanism. This was all good while we were stone age people running from sable tigers, but when thoughts and emotions link up missing the ride at the bus stop - this can make you feel anxious and nervous....


There you go....fluctuating through the emotional stress roller-coaster curves. Scientists say this is when the adrenaline kicks in, and with a scientific bend that the frequency will soon escalate beyond imaginable. It is kinda funny how it is with experimental oscillations - you never know how they end....

                                             Emotions stress polarized - negative or positive?
                                                                 BANG   -      BANG

                                                                   Stuck in a moment

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The human brain (and the monkey)

The human brain is about three times as large as the brain of a chimpanzee. Much of the extra brain compared to monkeys is called the cerebral cortex and is brand new in the evolution of the species, especially the frontal lobes (above your eyes). This part is particularly associated with executive functions such as self-control, mindful reasoning, planning, and abstract thinking related to future vision (this is also greatly enlarged in humans)...When you get seriously stressed, science has discovered that this part of your brain tends to short-circuit. In other words your brain goes "monkey" and you cannot plan, reason or do time related things in a normal way. Therefore, stress is associated with many human ills. The next time your brain goes bananas, it is time for you to stop, before the monkey in you(r European, Asian or African ancestry) resurrects...

Your mind is kind of plastic!
                                                           Meditation soothes the monkey brain!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fast Forward (F___Hell)

You are busy heading for the airport. As you enter the domestic or was it the international terminal - you cannot wait to find that gate. It is business meeting number 5 today - in another city. You shop for a new watch and swallow a couple of pints of beer in the tax free bar area, hoping you are going to make it. Now you MUST leave... you never seem to be able to make it - on time. Oh, shit, you nearly forgot the bag or suitcase, so you return for another pint before the departure call. It is soo much fun - being in a hurry all the time - and if the pilot can keep heads up after 14 hrs - you are head bound too...

Are you heading for exit now?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


There is nothing like a good surf. You can surf the waves of the ocean or the internet to discover what it is like riding on a crest. You can easily get addicted and spend your whole (spare) time there. On the beach you get a sunburn, but when you are surfing around on a mouse in cyberspace, you get really entangled in the word wide web. It is o.k. to meet up with friends in the global community, and look at some pages, but when your wireless mind disconnects from the reality around you, not surprisingly, after a couple of hours, eyes all screen dumping, your brain waves go into fast Beta - an alert wave mode. Ooh-oh. No wonder your desktop makes your mind go spinning. Around and around it goes in circles....

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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Some people need a stress-test to realize they may suffer from stress. We might provide a free stress test with sign up in the future. In the meantime, please try this on a busy day where you cannot find the time to do it all:

                                            Ask somebody to shout out loud in your face:

                                             GET YOUR A:: MOVING!!!

                                                  Notice what happens with(in) you!



Saturday, 7 September 2013

Work Life Balance

There is a lot to say about work life balance and about how much we allow work to consume us. For some, work is a major priority, while for others family and leisure time are valued more highly. There are as many work-life balance equations as there are individuals...

  • Work-life balance literally means prioritising between work (career and ambition) and life (health, pleasure, leisure, spirituality and family) on the other.
  • It is also about flexibility during the working day or having the flexibility of working from home.
  • Employer-employee relations, working environments and the colleagues, (darned) boss etc.
How is your balance?
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Sunday, 1 September 2013


No it is not that simple. Actually, you may find it difficult. To simplify. What does it mean? Well, you could either take a list of things to do and delete something of the complexity, or you could slow down, disentangle, unwind or weave out. Here is to make it simple:



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