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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Rat-racing and Frogs

Oh, what a thrill it is to always be soo busy.... You get to feel the incessant importance about living. Not that (your) life is not important. It is just that the busier we are, the more tantalizing the rat-race may become. So, what is up with those hormonal life injections as we enjoy the stressful thrill-ride? Well, it goes kinda like the following experiment; if you can handle it: Put a frog in a cooking device, pour water all over and let it sit there... till it boils. It sure is lukewarm and nice for a start - like that rat race...It just keeps getting hotter by the minute, so the frog and we are happy for the time being. Then it starts to get really hot and before you know it - the frog is gasping for air, but strangely keeps sitting there waiting till it drops dead! No kidding, and no need to jump. And so it is... with human  life, frogs and rat-racing ahead. It is enjoyable - for as long as it lasts....
                                                             KISS KISS

Friday, 23 August 2013

Say Budd-ha-aaah

You are not really or notably Buddhist, and who cares about theological beliefs, anyhow. You cannot discuss it, tell a Muslim to become Christian or a Hindu to convert to Islam. That is just how it is with religious debates. It is often full of ancient, sacred texts and grumpy, hairy, old men wearing beards behaving like priests. When you contemplate - The Path - you are in for surprises and discoveries that surpass ordinary religion. The point is, religion is not a requirement for the moment. All you need to do is try to float in lotus position, and say Buddha-aahhh, waiting for an abolition of the mind.
Quite simple really.....

Just kidding

Try the alchemy

Saturday, 17 August 2013

(Probably) the best drink in the world...

Now, you might be thinking about that morning coffee, grabbing a Carlsberg, pouring a glass of Cape wine or swallowing Irish whiskey, but no, it is not... all... that good for you. The best drink in the world -probably - is a cup of green tea, dear. Not only is tea full of substances that offset the oxidative stress and free radical damage associated with physical stress and aging. At five o' clock - with a small cookie - it is perfect to de-stress, relieve anxieties and any depressions. It does not matter if it is Ceylon or Chinese, particularly if it is the green catechin version. In Japan drinking tea is a royal ceremony or ritual. Enough said about mindful living in Japanese. Go ask Polly to put the kettle on - in the kitchen - till it is hot and steaming. If you are cool you can also drink it iced.


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Pain or gain

Life can be full of happy moments and joy, excitement, love, sorrows or pain. Nobody goes through it without experiencing a little bit of everything. Most often we try to avoid the pain or are looking for gain. All in all we are considering our mental health. It is only natural, pain is such a negative emotion and gain is much more pleasurable. Take weight as an example. If we like cookies and enjoy stuffing ourselves with goodies, we gain fat in the process. In order to look good or feel more attractive we may need to lose some weight. Going on a strict weight loss diet seems excruciatingly painful and stressful for a change, but the gains in overall health, fitness or longevity may prove immeasurable.


Monday, 5 August 2013


Many people know about meditation, but do not meditate or even wonder why they should bother. Maybe you have not tried, think you are not up for it or will never get into it, but science has revealed that the benefits are almost limitless. You do not have to be Buddha or in India. You can start where ever you are under the Northern or Southern skies. Just sitting still staring at raindrops or stars passing by your window can be meditative. It is not enough though, to simply daydream or close your eyes, thinking you are half-way through it. You have got to explore what the heck people are talking about with Mindfulness......


                                                            A Sky Full of Stars